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Lemmy Documentation

Documentation for the Lemmy project


You need to have Cargo installed.

Our documentation tool mdbook doesn't support localisation yet, so we are using code that is still work on progress to create our documentation with localisation. Note that this code still has some rough edges. See for more details.

cargo install mdbook --git \
    --branch localization --rev d06249b
# generate static page in `book` subfolder
mdbook build
# serve the book at `http://localhost:3000`, and rebuilds on changes
mdbook serve

Adding a new Language

  • Edit book.toml to add the metadata for your language
  • Copy src/en/ to src/xx/ (where xx is your language's identifier)
  • In src/xx/, write your translation into files and folders with the same name as in src/en/
  • Use the instructions above to ensure that it builds without errors

Guidelines for adding a new Translation

  • After following the instructions above for adding a new language, open a pull request in the repository.
  • We don't expect that you translate the entire documentation as fast as possible, its more important that you consistently work to improve the translation (even if its only a few hours a week or less).
  • The goal is not to make a sentence-for-sentence translation of the English docs, but writing something that addresses the needs of users in your language. For example, if docker-compose docs are lacking in a language, that should be explained more extensively in lemmy docs for that language
  • This is technical documentation, so try to avoid mentioning things that are unrelated to Lemmy itself, and avoid mentioning specific Lemmy instances.
  • Avoid adding files which don't exist in English or other languages, as that would lead to problems when switching between languages.
  • We will merge a new language after it has been worked on regularly for at least a month, and at least some pages are finished.
  • After merging, we will add a label for the language, to help organising issues and pull requests by language.
  • The translator will also get maintainer rights in this repository, to allow managing contributions for their language.