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Dont handle activities twice in inbox

Felix Ableitner 3 months ago
1 changed files with 5 additions and 9 deletions
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lemmy_apub/src/inbox/ View File

@ -65,10 +65,12 @@ pub async fn shared_inbox(
let activity_any_base = activity.clone().into_any_base()?;
let mut res: Option<HttpResponse> = None;
let to_and_cc = get_activity_to_and_cc(&activity)?;
// If to_and_cc contains a local community, pass to receive_community_message()
// Handle community first, so in case the sender is banned by the community, it will error out.
// If we handled the user receive first, the activity would be inserted to the database before the
// community could check for bans.
// Note that an activity can be addressed to a community and to a user (or multiple users) at the
// same time. In this case we still only handle it once, to avoid duplicate websocket
// notifications.
let community = extract_local_community_from_destinations(&to_and_cc, context.pool()).await?;
if let Some(community) = community {
let community_activity = CommunityAcceptedActivities::from_any_base(activity_any_base.clone())?
@ -83,10 +85,7 @@ pub async fn shared_inbox(
// If to_and_cc contains a local user, pass to receive_user_message()
if is_addressed_to_local_user(&to_and_cc, context.pool()).await? {
} else if is_addressed_to_local_user(&to_and_cc, context.pool()).await? {
let user_activity = UserAcceptedActivities::from_any_base(activity_any_base.clone())?
// `to_user` is only used for follow activities (which we dont receive here), so no need to pass
@ -99,10 +98,7 @@ pub async fn shared_inbox(
// If to_and_cc contains followers collection of a community, pass to receive_user_message()
if is_addressed_to_community_followers(&to_and_cc, context.pool())
} else if is_addressed_to_community_followers(&to_and_cc, context.pool())