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# Lemmy v0.7.40 Pre-Release (2020-08-05)
We've [added a lot]( in this pre-release:
- New post sorts `Active` (previously called hot), and `Hot`. Active shows posts with recent comments, hot shows highly ranked posts.
- Customizeable site icon and banner, user icon and banner, and community icon and banner.
- Added user preferred names / display names, bios, and cakedays.
- User settings are now shared across browsers (a page refresh will pick up changes).
- Visual / Audio captchas through the lemmy API.
- Lots of UI prettiness.
- Lots of bug fixes.
- Lots of additional translations.
- Lots of federation prepping / additions / refactors.
This release removes the need for you to have a pictrs nginx route (the requests are now routed through lemmy directly). Follow the upgrade instructions below to replace your nginx with the new one.
## Upgrading
**With Ansible:**
# run these commands locally
git pull
cd ansible
ansible-playbook lemmy.yml
**With manual Docker installation:**
# run these commands on your server
cd /lemmy
# Replace the {{ vars }}
sudo mv nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/lemmy.conf
sudo nginx -s reload
sudo docker-compose up -d
# Lemmy v0.7.0 Release (2020-06-23)
This release replaces [pictshare](