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@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ Information for Lemmy instance admins, and those who want to run a server.
## Install
Lemmy has two primary install methods, [docker](, and [ansible]( Ansible simplifies deploying to a remote server, while docker is best for local testing.
Lemmy has two primary installation methods, [manually with Docker](, and [automated with Ansible]( We recommend using Ansible, because it simplifies the installation and also makes updating easier.
### Manual install
### Manual install (without Docker)
Manual installs are *possible*, but not preferred, since Lemmy is dependent on other local services: The [lemmy-ui](, [a Postgresql Database](, [pict-rs]( for images, and [iframely]( for embeds. To see how these are wired together, look at the docker-compose.yml files. Due to the complexity of different systems, we will not support manual installs.

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@ -11,4 +11,6 @@ One way you can take advantage of federation is by opening a different instance,
- `` (Community)
- `` (User)
- `` (Post)
- `` (Comment)
- `` (Comment)
You can see the list of linked instances by following the "Instances" link at the bottom of any Lemmy page.