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Aaron DeVore 79ee271a5e
LemmyNet/lemmy#1635: Fix IPv6 port setup for Nginx (#1636) 4 months ago
Dessalines 3022c00a0b Version 0.11.2 4 months ago
Dessalines 1cdc5d662c
Fix --cert-name for certbot. (#1631) 4 months ago
Dessalines 12d50e42b4
Change join.lemmy.ml to join-lemmy.org (#1628) 4 months ago
Dessalines 7fb4508fa1
Upgrade pictrs. Fixes #1599 (#1600) 5 months ago
Dessalines ab2b8df1cb
Invalidate current logins on account deletion. Fixes #1602 (#1603) 5 months ago
Dessalines f196f05f20
Upgrading api test deps (#1608) 5 months ago
Dessalines b95bbe2fae
Fix nsfw posts showing for non-logged in users. Fixes #1614 (#1615) 5 months ago
Pavel Balashov 7008848f9c
Add additional slurs configuration option. Closes #1464. (#1612) 5 months ago
Dessalines 100a56e8ef Version 0.11.1 5 months ago
Dessalines f67b0e9ff8
Updating to rust 1.51.0 (#1598) 6 months ago
Dessalines 6eed6cf362 Fixing release doc. 6 months ago
Dessalines c1cbcdc253 Version 0.11.0 6 months ago
Dessalines c48c620048 Adding v0.11.0 release notes 6 months ago
Dessalines 0d9dceff88
Merge pull request #1595 from LemmyNet/Nutomic-patch-1 6 months ago
Nutomic 96488684e6
Better slur regex 6 months ago
Dessalines c864dfadf6
Fixing regex. Fixes #1593 (#1594) 6 months ago
Dessalines 1eb7e41674
Merge pull request #1592 from LemmyNet/feature/mark_post_as_read 6 months ago
Dessalines 880c51687a Merge branch 'main' into feature/mark_post_as_read 6 months ago
Nutomic df0a38e0ba
Merge pull request #1566 from LemmyNet/additional_search_filters 6 months ago
Dessalines 6d3778cafe Changing unwrap_default to unwrap_or(false) 6 months ago
Nutomic dc1a0dcd5e
Fetch git tags manually in CI (#1590) 6 months ago
Dessalines 5b2be6f9df Add show_read_posts filter. Fixes #1561 6 months ago
Dessalines ed31deab00 Creator extra search results 6 months ago
Dessalines ef7fe7586b Some formatting 6 months ago
Dessalines 51e181c529 Don't search for communities or users when the id is included. 6 months ago
Dessalines f8cd6fd445 Making more fields optional in the API. 6 months ago
Dessalines c86f5472fb Adding listing_type to search. 6 months ago
Dessalines a42ac3e58a Add creator id to search. Fixes #765 6 months ago
Nutomic db1abff857
Add option to limit community creation to admins only (fixes #1586) (#1587) 6 months ago
Nutomic efee2062dd
Mark accounts as bot nutomic (#1565) 6 months ago
Dessalines 9dc5605663
Merge pull request #1588 from LemmyNet/improved-logging 6 months ago
Nutomic 8bb3ba4a16
Add option to disable strict allowlist (fixes #1486) (#1581) 6 months ago
Felix Ableitner 78eee7dc9e Improved logging 6 months ago
Nutomic 65a11a7239
Use .map_err in api code (fixes #1573) (#1575) 6 months ago
Nutomic 03c18ecfbe
Merge pull request #1571 from guland2000/patch-3 6 months ago
Nutomic c9d461ea93
Merge pull request #1570 from guland2000/patch-2 6 months ago
Dessalines b0cef3c76d
Merge pull request #1572 from LemmyNet/feature/federated-mod-community-updates 6 months ago
Felix Ableitner c572dc0cc6 Remote mods can update/delete/undelete communities 6 months ago
Andrei Guliaikin 0d01461de4
Update README.ru.md 6 months ago
Andrei Guliaikin d1b57501bd
Update README.ru.md 6 months ago
Dessalines dee02e6642
Merge pull request #1567 from LemmyNet/include-commit-in-version 6 months ago
Nutomic 198f3073f9
Readme russian (#1568) 6 months ago
Felix Ableitner b7d1d91309 For untagged commits, include hash in version name (fixes #1563) 6 months ago
Nutomic aa79c5131f
Implement federated bans (fixes #1298) (#1553) 6 months ago
Nutomic 89dd0f2925
Merge pull request #1564 from LemmyNet/remove_extra_save_user_fields 6 months ago
Dessalines 2e16b11db8 Forgot to remove extra fields for changepassword. 6 months ago
Nutomic b8a6592369
Drone release main (ref #1556) (#1557) 6 months ago
Dessalines c3d64f996e
Removing community.creator column. Fixes #1504 (#1541) 6 months ago
Dessalines 1a70477fc7
Better DB default fields. (#1560) 6 months ago