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  Dessalines 5c6258390c
Isomorphic docker (#1124) 2 months ago
  nutomic 80aef61aed Split code into cargo workspaces (#67) 4 months ago
  Richie Zhang d17316508c Improve shell scripts (#705) 6 months ago
  Richie Zhang 8d4ab4555c Improve the yes/no prompt in install.sh (#683) 7 months ago
  Dessalines 62ab68d317 Adding full logging. 8 months ago
  Richie Zhang a8126b33bb Add line breaks after user prompts in install.sh 9 months ago
  Richie Zhang 15ef4a7122 Add a semicolon. 9 months ago
  Richie Zhang 186ad57858 Fix a user prompt in install.sh 9 months ago
  Richie Zhang 8871dcef7d Add an option to initialize the database from install.sh 9 months ago
  Dessalines ef05f00983 Fixing install.sh db export. 10 months ago
  Dessalines f0808a1116 Adding custom language setting. 11 months ago
  Dessalines 820af56387 Externalizing JWT token 1 year ago
  Dessalines 66cbd050a1 Documentation 1 year ago
  Felix Ableitner c6ad290bc6 Add shebang to scripts 1 year ago
  Dessalines 4ab28c01c6 Showing how to do live update developing in the install script. 1 year ago
  Dessalines b8c259f9e7 Adding expanding navbar, some docs 1 year ago