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Felix Ableitner 147972273a Simplify docker federation setup 1 year ago
Dessalines dbf231865d
Adding a few more apub tests. (#1096) 1 year ago
Felix Ableitner c9338027f2 Migrate user and group to new activitystreams library 1 year ago
Riley a074564458
Federation async (#848) 1 year ago
Dessalines 4c1cb5999c Fixing some scripts for the federation-test 1 year ago
Dessalines f40f74b20d Adding additional 3-instance integration test for community announce. 1 year ago
Dessalines 22abbebd41 Lots of additions to federation. 1 year ago
Dessalines df9135f410 Removing run-tests TODO. 1 year ago
Felix c3ac1649f2 Implement integration test for federation 1 year ago