24 Commits (c6f24044baeb8fc30fd20f397e26aafb414713bc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dessalines c6f24044ba Redirect to login page for votes, comments, pages, etc. Fixes #849 10 months ago
Dessalines 558644b8b3 Adding lemmy's devs / contributors to the sidebar. Fixes #743 10 months ago
Dessalines d22152eefd Adding a math check for logins (until we get a proper captcha). 11 months ago
Ernest 8e1e9a521a Edit community name validation, translations #823 11 months ago
Dessalines 4cf1f080bf Adding delete picture via pict-rs delete tokens. Fixes #505 11 months ago
Dessalines 445f38eb3c More clear remove / delete translations. #712 12 months ago
Dessalines 29fc3681b9
Validate register usernames on the back-end. Fixes #716 (#750) 12 months ago
Dessalines 871f09d109 Changing meaning to with in sponsors message. 12 months ago
Dessalines d9ec95ab5b For top-bar post creation, dont select a default community. Fixes #729 12 months ago
Dessalines 6fe3d43049 Adding a sponsor. 1 year ago
Dessalines aa5db37bda Add open collective (#637) 1 year ago
Dessalines d6d040f5da Add Emoji squashed commit. 1 year ago
Dessalines e9535cd01d Add Emoji Picker for comments and post body. 1 year ago
Dessalines bb287cbd07 Adding an admin settings page. 1 year ago
Dessalines f76c3af557 Adding clearer goto context. 1 year ago
Dessalines f36aa1f40d Show full scores on hover for posts and comments. Fixes #592 1 year ago
Dessalines a67a69f95e Ask for confirmation on leaving pages with incomplete forms. Fixes #529 1 year ago
Dessalines 0708a6d665 Adding a sorting help. Fixes #532 1 year ago
Dessalines 2c2918cc9e Moving comment voting to action bar. Adding plurals. 1 year ago
Dessalines 44bbc45973 A first pass at adding icons, and tippy tooltips. 1 year ago
Dessalines 399be2370d Adding more for advanced actions on comments and posts. 1 year ago
Felix d7f49cea9a generate typescript during compilation 1 year ago
Felix c0802c7fa2 make i18n compatible with weblate 1 year ago