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@ -9,14 +9,14 @@ When using docker or ansible, there should be a `volumes` folder, which contains
To incrementally backup the DB to an `.sql` file, you can run:
docker exec -t FOLDERNAME_postgres_1 pg_dumpall -c -U lemmy > lemmy_dump_`date +%Y-%m-%d"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
docker-compose exec postgres pg_dumpall -c -U lemmy > lemmy_dump_`date +%Y-%m-%d"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
### A Sample backup script
# DB Backup
ssh MY_USER@MY_IP "docker exec -t FOLDERNAME_postgres_1 pg_dumpall -c -U lemmy" > ~/BACKUP_LOCATION/INSTANCE_NAME_dump_`date +%Y-%m-%d"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
ssh MY_USER@MY_IP "docker-compose exec postgres pg_dumpall -c -U lemmy" > ~/BACKUP_LOCATION/INSTANCE_NAME_dump_`date +%Y-%m-%d"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
# Volumes folder Backup
rsync -avP -zz --rsync-path="sudo rsync" MY_USER@MY_IP:/LEMMY_LOCATION/volumes ~/BACKUP_LOCATION/FOLDERNAME
@ -37,6 +37,45 @@ cat db_dump.sql | docker exec -i FOLDERNAME_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy # restore
docker exec -i FOLDERNAME_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy -c "alter user lemmy with password 'bleh'"
### Changing your domain name
If you haven't federated yet, you can change your domain name in the DB. **Warning: do not do this after you've federated, or it will break federation.**
Get into `psql` for your docker:
`docker-compose exec postgres psql -U lemmy`
-- Post
update post set ap_id = replace (ap_id, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
update post set url = replace (url, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
update post set body = replace (body, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
update post set thumbnail_url = replace (thumbnail_url, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
delete from post_aggregates_fast;
insert into post_aggregates_fast select * from post_aggregates_view;
-- Comments
update comment set ap_id = replace (ap_id, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
update comment set content = replace (content, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
delete from comment_aggregates_fast;
insert into comment_aggregates_fast select * from comment_aggregates_view;
-- User
update user_ set actor_id = replace (actor_id, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
update user_ set avatar = replace (avatar, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
delete from user_fast;
insert into user_fast select * from user_view;
-- Community
update community set actor_id = replace (actor_id, 'old_domain', 'new_domain');
delete from community_aggregates_fast;
insert into community_aggregates_fast select * from community_aggregates_view;
## More resources