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set -e
git checkout master
# Import translations
git fetch weblate
git merge weblate/master
# Creating the new tag
third_semver=$(echo $new_tag | cut -d "." -f 3)
# Setting the version on the front end
cd ../../
echo "export const version: string = '$new_tag';" > "ui/src/version.ts"
git add "ui/src/version.ts"
# Setting the version on the backend
echo "pub const VERSION: &str = \"$new_tag\";" > "server/src/"
git add "server/src/"
# Setting the version for Ansible
echo $new_tag > "ansible/VERSION"
git add "ansible/VERSION"
cd docker/prod || exit
# Changing the docker-compose prod
sed -i "s/dessalines\/lemmy:.*/dessalines\/lemmy:$new_tag/" ../prod/docker-compose.yml
sed -i "s/dessalines\/lemmy:.*/dessalines\/lemmy:$new_tag/" ../../ansible/templates/docker-compose.yml
git add ../prod/docker-compose.yml
git add ../../ansible/templates/docker-compose.yml
# The commit
git commit -m"Version $new_tag"
git tag $new_tag
# Rebuilding docker
docker-compose build
docker tag dev_lemmy:latest dessalines/lemmy:x64-$new_tag
docker push dessalines/lemmy:x64-$new_tag
# Build for Raspberry Pi / other archs
# Arm currently not working
# docker build -t lemmy:armv7hf -f Dockerfile.armv7hf ../../
# docker tag lemmy:armv7hf dessalines/lemmy:armv7hf-$new_tag
# docker push dessalines/lemmy:armv7hf-$new_tag
# aarch64
# Only do this on major releases (IE the third semver is 0)
if [ $third_semver -eq 0 ]; then
# Registering qemu binaries
docker run --rm --privileged multiarch/qemu-user-static:register --reset
docker build -t lemmy:aarch64 -f Dockerfile.aarch64 ../../
docker tag lemmy:aarch64 dessalines/lemmy:arm64-$new_tag
docker push dessalines/lemmy:arm64-$new_tag
# Creating the manifest for the multi-arch build
if [ $third_semver -eq 0 ]; then
docker manifest create dessalines/lemmy:$new_tag \
dessalines/lemmy:x64-$new_tag \
docker manifest create dessalines/lemmy:$new_tag \
docker manifest push dessalines/lemmy:$new_tag
# Push
git push origin $new_tag
git push
# Pushing to any ansible deploys
cd ../../../lemmy-ansible || exit
ansible-playbook -i prod playbooks/site.yml --vault-password-file vault_pass