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Dessalines abeefc95bb Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/main' into main 2 years ago
assets Adding a lot of front end prettying. 2 years ago
src Adding a sponsor. 2 years ago
translations Translated using Weblate (Irish) 2 years ago
.eslintignore Adding a test bed for API testing. #658 2 years ago
.eslintrc.json Notification improvements. 2 years ago
.gitignore Cleanup gitignore and dockerignore files 2 years ago
.prettierrc.js Adding prettier. 3 years ago
fuse.js Add fallback url to fuse devserver(closes #945) (#946) 2 years ago
generate_translations.js generate typescript during compilation 3 years ago
jest.config.js Lots of additions to federation. 2 years ago
package.json Enforce rustfmt +nightly for consistent rust imports. (#1035) 2 years ago
tsconfig.json Upgrade package.json. 3 years ago
yarn.lock Adding inferno-helmet to fix page titles. Fixes #1028 (#1030) 2 years ago