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pub mod activities;
pub mod comment;
pub mod community;
pub mod community_inbox;
pub mod fetcher;
pub mod post;
pub mod shared_inbox;
pub mod signatures;
pub mod user;
pub mod user_inbox;
use crate::api::community::CommunityResponse;
use crate::websocket::server::SendCommunityRoomMessage;
use activitystreams::object::kind::{NoteType, PageType};
use activitystreams::{
activity::{Accept, Create, Delete, Dislike, Follow, Like, Remove, Undo, Update},
actor::{kind::GroupType, properties::ApActorProperties, Actor, Group, Person},
ext::{Ext, Extensible, Extension},
object::{properties::ObjectProperties, Note, Page, Tombstone},
public, BaseBox,
use actix_web::body::Body;
use actix_web::web::Path;
use actix_web::{web, HttpRequest, HttpResponse, Result};
use diesel::result::Error::NotFound;
use diesel::PgConnection;
use failure::Error;
use failure::_core::fmt::Debug;
use http::request::Builder;
use http_signature_normalization::Config;
use isahc::prelude::*;
use itertools::Itertools;
use log::debug;
use openssl::hash::MessageDigest;
use openssl::sign::{Signer, Verifier};
use openssl::{pkey::PKey, rsa::Rsa};
use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};
use std::collections::BTreeMap;
use std::time::Duration;
use url::Url;
use crate::api::comment::CommentResponse;
use crate::api::post::PostResponse;
use crate::api::site::SearchResponse;
use crate::db::comment::{Comment, CommentForm, CommentLike, CommentLikeForm};
use crate::db::comment_view::CommentView;
use crate::db::community::{
Community, CommunityFollower, CommunityFollowerForm, CommunityForm, CommunityModerator,
use crate::db::community_view::{CommunityFollowerView, CommunityModeratorView, CommunityView};
use crate::db::post::{Post, PostForm, PostLike, PostLikeForm};
use crate::db::post_view::PostView;
use crate::db::user::{UserForm, User_};
use crate::db::user_view::UserView;
use crate::db::{activity, Crud, Followable, Joinable, Likeable, SearchType};
use crate::routes::nodeinfo::{NodeInfo, NodeInfoWellKnown};
use crate::routes::{ChatServerParam, DbPoolParam};
use crate::websocket::{
server::{SendComment, SendPost},
use crate::{convert_datetime, naive_now, Settings};
use activities::{populate_object_props, send_activity};
use chrono::NaiveDateTime;
use fetcher::{get_or_fetch_and_upsert_remote_community, get_or_fetch_and_upsert_remote_user};
use signatures::verify;
use signatures::{sign, PublicKey, PublicKeyExtension};
type GroupExt = Ext<Ext<Group, ApActorProperties>, PublicKeyExtension>;
type PersonExt = Ext<Ext<Person, ApActorProperties>, PublicKeyExtension>;
pub static APUB_JSON_CONTENT_TYPE: &str = "application/activity+json";
pub enum EndpointType {
/// Convert the data to json and turn it into an HTTP Response with the correct ActivityPub
/// headers.
fn create_apub_response<T>(data: &T) -> HttpResponse<Body>
T: Serialize,
fn create_apub_tombstone_response<T>(data: &T) -> HttpResponse<Body>
T: Serialize,
/// Generates the ActivityPub ID for a given object type and name.
/// TODO: we will probably need to change apub endpoint urls so that html and activity+json content
/// types are handled at the same endpoint, so that you can copy the url into mastodon search
/// and have it fetch the object.
pub fn make_apub_endpoint(endpoint_type: EndpointType, name: &str) -> Url {
let point = match endpoint_type {
EndpointType::Community => "c",
EndpointType::User => "u",
EndpointType::Post => "post",
// TODO I have to change this else my update advanced_migrations crashes the
// server if a comment exists.
EndpointType::Comment => "comment",
pub fn get_apub_protocol_string() -> &'static str {
if Settings::get().federation.tls_enabled {
} else {
// Checks if the ID has a valid format, correct scheme, and is in the whitelist.
fn is_apub_id_valid(apub_id: &Url) -> bool {
if apub_id.scheme() != get_apub_protocol_string() {
return false;
let whitelist: Vec<String> = Settings::get()
.map(|d| d.to_string())
match apub_id.domain() {
Some(d) => whitelist.contains(&d.to_owned()),
None => false,
// TODO Not sure good names for these
pub trait ToApub {
type Response;
fn to_apub(&self, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<Self::Response, Error>;
fn to_tombstone(&self) -> Result<Tombstone, Error>;
/// Updated is actually the deletion time
fn create_tombstone(
deleted: bool,
object_id: &str,
updated: Option<NaiveDateTime>,
former_type: String,
) -> Result<Tombstone, Error> {
if deleted {
if let Some(updated) = updated {
let mut tombstone = Tombstone::default();
} else {
"Cant convert to tombstone because updated time was None."
} else {
"Cant convert object to tombstone if it wasnt deleted"
pub trait FromApub {
type ApubType;
fn from_apub(apub: &Self::ApubType, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<Self, Error>
Self: Sized;
pub trait ApubObjectType {
fn send_create(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_update(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_delete(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_undo_delete(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_remove(&self, mod_: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_undo_remove(&self, mod_: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
pub trait ApubLikeableType {
fn send_like(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_dislike(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_undo_like(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
pub fn get_shared_inbox(actor_id: &str) -> String {
let url = Url::parse(actor_id).unwrap();
if let Some(port) = url.port() {
format!(":{}", port)
} else {
pub trait ActorType {
fn actor_id(&self) -> String;
fn public_key(&self) -> String;
// These two have default impls, since currently a community can't follow anything,
// and a user can't be followed (yet)
fn send_follow(&self, follow_actor_id: &str, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error> {
Err(format_err!("Follow not implemented."))
fn send_accept_follow(&self, follow: &Follow, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error> {
Err(format_err!("Accept not implemented."))
fn send_delete(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_undo_delete(&self, creator: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_remove(&self, mod_: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn send_undo_remove(&self, mod_: &User_, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<(), Error>;
// TODO default because there is no user following yet.
/// For a given community, returns the inboxes of all followers.
fn get_follower_inboxes(&self, conn: &PgConnection) -> Result<Vec<String>, Error> {
// TODO move these to the db rows
fn get_inbox_url(&self) -> String {
format!("{}/inbox", &self.actor_id())
fn get_shared_inbox_url(&self) -> String {
fn get_outbox_url(&self) -> String {
format!("{}/outbox", &self.actor_id())
fn get_followers_url(&self) -> String {
format!("{}/followers", &self.actor_id())
fn get_following_url(&self) -> String {
format!("{}/following", &self.actor_id())
fn get_liked_url(&self) -> String {
format!("{}/liked", &self.actor_id())
fn get_public_key_ext(&self) -> PublicKeyExtension {
PublicKey {
id: format!("{}#main-key", self.actor_id()),
owner: self.actor_id(),
public_key_pem: self.public_key(),