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export const en = {
translation: {
post: 'post',
remove_post: 'Remove Post',
no_posts: 'No Posts.',
create_a_post: 'Create a post',
create_post: 'Create Post',
number_of_posts: '{{count}} Posts',
posts: 'Posts',
related_posts: 'These posts might be related',
cross_posts: 'This link has also been posted to:',
cross_post: 'cross-post',
comments: 'Comments',
number_of_comments: '{{count}} Comments',
remove_comment: 'Remove Comment',
communities: 'Communities',
users: 'Users',
create_a_community: 'Create a community',
create_community: 'Create Community',
remove_community: 'Remove Community',
subscribed_to_communities: 'Subscribed to <1>communities</1>',
trending_communities: 'Trending <1>communities</1>',
list_of_communities: 'List of communities',
number_of_communities: '{{count}} Communities',
community_reqs: 'lowercase, underscores, and no spaces.',
edit: 'edit',
reply: 'reply',
cancel: 'Cancel',
preview: 'Preview',
upload_image: 'upload image',
formatting_help: 'formatting help',
view_source: 'view source',
unlock: 'unlock',
lock: 'lock',
sticky: 'sticky',
unsticky: 'unsticky',
link: 'link',
archive_link: 'archive link',
mod: 'mod',
mods: 'mods',
moderates: 'Moderates',
settings: 'Settings',
remove_as_mod: 'remove as mod',
appoint_as_mod: 'appoint as mod',
modlog: 'Modlog',
admin: 'admin',
admins: 'admins',
remove_as_admin: 'remove as admin',
appoint_as_admin: 'appoint as admin',
remove: 'remove',
removed: 'removed',
locked: 'locked',
stickied: 'stickied',
reason: 'Reason',
mark_as_read: 'mark as read',
mark_as_unread: 'mark as unread',
delete: 'delete',
deleted: 'deleted',
delete_account: 'Delete Account',
'Warning: this will permanently delete all your data. Enter your password to confirm.',
restore: 'restore',
ban: 'ban',
ban_from_site: 'ban from site',
unban: 'unban',
unban_from_site: 'unban from site',
banned: 'banned',
save: 'save',
unsave: 'unsave',
create: 'create',
creator: 'creator',
username: 'Username',
email_or_username: 'Email or Username',
number_of_users: '{{count}} Users',
number_of_subscribers: '{{count}} Subscribers',
number_of_points: '{{count}} Points',
number_online: '{{count}} Users Online',
name: 'Name',
title: 'Title',
category: 'Category',
subscribers: 'Subscribers',
both: 'Both',
saved: 'Saved',
unsubscribe: 'Unsubscribe',
subscribe: 'Subscribe',
subscribed: 'Subscribed',
prev: 'Prev',
next: 'Next',
sidebar: 'Sidebar',
sort_type: 'Sort type',
hot: 'Hot',
new: 'New',
top_day: 'Top day',
week: 'Week',
month: 'Month',
year: 'Year',
all: 'All',
top: 'Top',
api: 'API',
inbox: 'Inbox',
inbox_for: 'Inbox for <1>{{user}}</1>',
mark_all_as_read: 'mark all as read',
type: 'Type',
unread: 'Unread',
replies: 'Replies',
mentions: 'Mentions',
reply_sent: 'Reply sent',
search: 'Search',
overview: 'Overview',
view: 'View',
logout: 'Logout',
login_sign_up: 'Login / Sign up',
login: 'Login',
sign_up: 'Sign Up',
'Desktop notifications not available in your browser. Try Firefox or Chrome.',
unread_messages: 'Unread Messages',
password: 'Password',
verify_password: 'Verify Password',
forgot_password: 'forgot password',
reset_password_mail_sent: 'Sent an Email to reset your password.',
password_change: 'Password Change',
new_password: 'New Password',
no_email_setup: "This server hasn't correctly set up email.",
email: 'Email',
optional: 'Optional',
expires: 'Expires',
language: 'Language',
browser_default: 'Browser Default',
downvotes_disabled: 'Downvotes disabled',
enable_downvotes: 'Enable Downvotes',
open_registration: 'Open Registration',
registration_closed: 'Registration closed',
enable_nsfw: 'Enable NSFW',
url: 'URL',
body: 'Body',
copy_suggested_title: 'copy suggested title: {{title}}',
community: 'Community',
expand_here: 'Expand here',
subscribe_to_communities: 'Subscribe to some <1>communities</1>.',
chat: 'Chat',
recent_comments: 'Recent Comments',
no_results: 'No results.',
setup: 'Setup',
lemmy_instance_setup: 'Lemmy Instance Setup',
setup_admin: 'Set Up Site Administrator',
your_site: 'your site',
modified: 'modified',
nsfw: 'NSFW',
show_nsfw: 'Show NSFW content',
theme: 'Theme',
sponsors: 'Sponsors',
sponsors_of_lemmy: 'Sponsors of Lemmy',
'Lemmy is free, <1>open-source</1> software, meaning no advertising, monetizing, or venture capital, ever. Your donations directly support full-time development of the project. Thank you to the following people:',
support_on_patreon: 'Support on Patreon',
'General Sponsors are those that pledged $10 to $39 to Lemmy.',
crypto: 'Crypto',
bitcoin: 'Bitcoin',
ethereum: 'Ethereum',
monero: 'Monero',
code: 'Code',
joined: 'Joined',
by: 'by',
to: 'to',
transfer_community: 'transfer community',
transfer_site: 'transfer site',
are_you_sure: 'are you sure?',
yes: 'yes',
no: 'no',
powered_by: 'Powered by',
"Lemmy is a <1>link aggregator</1> / reddit alternative, intended to work in the <2>fediverse</2>.<3></3>It's self-hostable, has live-updating comment threads, and is tiny (<4>~80kB</4>). Federation into the ActivityPub network is on the roadmap. <5></5>This is a <6>very early beta version</6>, and a lot of features are currently broken or missing. <7></7>Suggest new features or report bugs <8>here.</8><9></9>Made with <10>Rust</10>, <11>Actix</11>, <12>Inferno</12>, <13>Typescript</13>.",
not_logged_in: 'Not logged in.',
community_ban: 'You have been banned from this community.',
site_ban: 'You have been banned from the site',
couldnt_create_comment: "Couldn't create comment.",
couldnt_like_comment: "Couldn't like comment.",
couldnt_update_comment: "Couldn't update comment.",
couldnt_save_comment: "Couldn't save comment.",
no_comment_edit_allowed: 'Not allowed to edit comment.',
no_post_edit_allowed: 'Not allowed to edit post.',
no_community_edit_allowed: 'Not allowed to edit community.',
couldnt_find_community: "Couldn't find community.",
couldnt_update_community: "Couldn't update Community.",
community_already_exists: 'Community already exists.',
community_moderator_already_exists: 'Community moderator already exists.',
community_follower_already_exists: 'Community follower already exists.',
community_user_already_banned: 'Community user already banned.',
couldnt_create_post: "Couldn't create post.",
couldnt_like_post: "Couldn't like post.",
couldnt_find_post: "Couldn't find post.",
couldnt_get_posts: "Couldn't get posts",
couldnt_update_post: "Couldn't update post",
couldnt_save_post: "Couldn't save post.",
no_slurs: 'No slurs.',
not_an_admin: 'Not an admin.',
site_already_exists: 'Site already exists.',
couldnt_update_site: "Couldn't update site.",
"Couldn't find that username or email.",
password_incorrect: 'Password incorrect.',
passwords_dont_match: 'Passwords do not match.',
admin_already_created: "Sorry, there's already an admin.",
user_already_exists: 'User already exists.',
couldnt_update_user: "Couldn't update user.",
system_err_login: 'System error. Try logging out and back in.',