5 5 entry level tool kits compared
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tool Lumintrail TL810E $60 CyclingDeal SC-168A $55 Bike Hand YC-737 $50 Venzo VZ-F33-075 $40 Luna $39
bottom bracket cup tool (adjustable) n y n n n
bottom bracket cartridge tool (20 spline) y (Shimano + ISIS) y (Shimano) y y (Shimano + ISIS) y
bottom bracket Shimano Hollowtech II tool n n n n y? (UBP)
chain rivet extractor & assembler (aka "chain breaker"; adjustable, Shimano compatible) y (HG/UG) y y y (6-10 speed & 410,408 chains) y
chainring bolt tool n n(*) n n y
crank puller y (cotterless, Shimano+ISIS) y (cotterless, fits all axles, [+UBI 16mm handle*]) y (cotterless) y (square taper, Shimano splined Octalink & ISIS) y
freewheel (aka cassette) remover (Shimano compatible, 12 splines) y y y? (UBP) y y
freewheel turner (aka chain whip) y (5-12 speed) y y y (1/8" fixed gear sprocket) y (3/32')
hex wrench (2/3/4/5/6mm) y (+2.5mm) y (+2.5mm; 4/5/6mm ball-ended; [+UBI 1.5mm]) y (folding) y (+2.5mm) y (+2.5mm; ball-ended)
hex wrench (6mm, auxiliary square head) y n n n n
hex wrench (8mm, for crank arm removal, + 1/2" adaptor for socket tools) y y y y n
lock ring tool for bottom bracket & headset n y y n n
pedal wrench (aka spanner) y (15mm/16mm, 15mm/17mm) y (15mm, 9/16") +24mm to drive bb & cassette tools n y (15mm) y (+14/15 socket end)
screwdriver (Phillips) y (+2 bits) y y n y
screwdriver (flat) y (+2 bits) y (UBI) y n y
screwdriver (precision, for derailleur's adjustment) n y n n n
sockets (8/9/10mm) y n n n n
spoke adjuster (forged /-groove) y (10G-15G) y (10G-15G) y (10G-15G) y (0.127"/0.130"/0.136", 3.2/3.3/3.5MM) y (3.2/3.3/3.5mm)
tensioning torques n n n n y (Shimano)
tire levers 3 3 3 3 2
tire pressure guage y y (UBI) n n n
tire repair kit y y y y y
torx wrenches (3 sizes) n n n n y
wrench (6" adjustable wrench) n y n n n
wrench (aka spanner, open, 8x10mm) y y y y n
wrench (headset 30mm/32mm, 36mm/40mm y (4-in-1) y (4-in-1) n n n
wrenches (2 hub-cone 13x14x15x16mm) y y y n y

UBI = unlisted but included

UBP = unlisted but pictured (whether it's actually included is unconfirmed)

(*) CyclingDeal kit comes with an unlisted handle with 16mm female hex to drive the crank puller. The end of the tool has a flat side that resembles a chainring bolt tool but the metal is too thick to fit in the slotted nut.

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